Benchmark your digital marketing strategy performance

The beginning of a new year is the ideal moment to benchmark your strategy performance. If you haven’t done so yet, try a benchmark with Dave Chaffey’s ‘Internet marketing review spreadsheet’ which you can download for free. It’s useful to identify gaps and explain to colleagues where the focus needs to lie. If you’re looking [...]


Tandenfee komt tandje halen

8:06. Yael komt apetrots de slaapkamer binnengestormd: "Mijn tandje is er uit!". Vorige week nog kwam ze in grote paniek vertellen dat haar tandje wiebelde. Dat mocht niet, want ze wou niet oud zijn... Dagen achtereen. We hebben het tandje vanmorgen plechtig in het potje van tandenfee gestoken. Vanavond brengt diezelfde tandenfee nog een cadeautje [...]

A glimpse of Google Wave

Google Wave looks like it can be very interesting. I wonder what the impact on other social media services will be. Mashable has writen an in-depth guide which provides an overview of Google Wave, discusses the terminology associated with it, details information on Google Wave applications, (i.e. the Twitter Wave app “Twave”), and goes over [...]

Data, Not Design, Is King in the Age of Google

Google, a company driven by engineering, expects design decisions to be backed up by data on customer preference. Is this shackling bold design? Google’s data-centric approach is hugely successful, but has nevertheless limitations and downsides. A very interesting article. Article in NY Times by Miguel Helft. (May 10, 2009)